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It’s almost October, Kids

Another month is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin.

Whew! I could not be more ready for a fresh start! How about you?

The last month has been quite the transition period in my life and it definitely has not been easy. One of the biggest things in my life at the moment is that I left Arizona, a place I’ve called home for the past five years and moved back to my original homeland, good ol’ Minnesota. I am mentally preparing myself for what snow and below zero degree weather is like. It’s really making me question this move, not gonna lie.

Regardless of the weather (which I’m sort of looking forward to as an excuse to buy fall clothes), I’m surrounded by family and old friends, which is definitely something I need at the moment as I’m making huge changes in my career path. I’ve begun the process of studying to become a group fitness instructor as well as am applying left and right to advertising and marketing agencies because I just love communicating so I figured, hey, that’s what you went to school for so you might as well get to using that degree!

With that being said, I’m setting some serious goals as they relate to fitness, career, blog, and personal improvement for the month of October. I allowed myself September to get settled in and now it’s time to kick things up a notch, get into a routine and start accomplishing some stuff! I’m starting to focus a lot on how to set goals, prioritize my time and increase productivity and thus you can probably expect a couple blog posts about that in the future.

I got just the inspiration I needed to start planning for my October domination this morning while doing my morning blog reading. I came across a post about Crossfit Games athlete Julie Foucher and how she went from amateur Crossfitter Julie to top Games athlete Julie. Let’s just say, it’s just what I needed to help me start to focus on my monthly goals. My top takeaways were things that I find I need to be reminded of almost daily in order to keep pushing towards the things I’m working on. I think we all need these types of reminders so let me share a few solid things that really hit home while reading this post:


Without it she would never be where she is today. She has consistently stuck to a training program for the past five years that has taken her from newbie to pro. It’s about finding a program/coach/plan, etc. and then truly commit to it. By sticking with something, even if you don’t see immediate results you have to trust that if you consistently do what is on the plan it will work!

Small changes over time result in long term success.

Again, this relates back to sticking with a plan. Plans don’t work unless you follow through with them. By making a plan, no matter what your goal, that is realistic and has small, measurable milestones you are much more likely to stick to it and succeed. Julie didn’t start off with the intense training schedule she has now but over time was able to build up her training and work capacity so she can train at the level she needs to.

Don’t downplay nutrition.

I think a lot of us get stuck thinking what we eat doesn’t really matter. We hear about top athletes who swear they eat whatever they want or who don’t follow a strict dietary plan but I think for the most part focusing more on nutrition will help you excel no matter if your goals are fitness related or not. How we fuel our bodies is important and if you eat like crap you will most likely feel like crap. You don’t necessarily need a meal plan but learning portion size, how to swap out healthy items for not so great choices, and being aware of what we put in our bodies is important. The body learns to adapt to training and nutrition so in order to train or perform at optimum levels you have to first train your body to utilize food as fuel to do so.

There was a lot of great stuff in this article- what were your favorite takeaways?

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My New Favorite Fashion App

I am in need of some serious fashion help and I am beyond thrilled I took a chance and signed up for this amazing app. Like, wow. It’s life changing.

The LiketoKnow.it app has seriously become the best thing about following fashion blogs. It’s a way for you to quickly and easily shop your favorite styles, from your favorite fashionistas, with a mere tap of your phone screen. It’s as easy as liking a photo on Instagram. Actually.. that’s exactly what it is!

If you follow fashion blogs for inspiration and they are affiliated with the LiketoKnow.it application you can receive links to everything in their post directly to your email. It’s simply put- amazing.

If you don’t know who to follow for fashion inspiration, may I suggest you take a gander at some of the bloggers I stalk love.

For individuals like myself who need lots of help in the fashion department, I find this tool incredibly useful.

Now I don’t have to take a screen shot, go back to the post on their website, and then try to individually click the links to different things right.at.that.moment. If I don’t do it that second,  I’m sure to forget about it within 5 minutes because I have the attention span of a gnat most days.

Since downloading the application (which links directly to your Instagram) I simply have to like a picture on Insta, an email goes to my inbox, and when I’m ready to do some online shopping I’m reminded of looks I’ve liked and then can decide whether I want to invest in those pieces.

This system really works for me. I don’t feel rushed or panicked that I’ll forget to go back and research a look I like, and I can easily shop all of the items at my own pace. One of the looks I found yesterday from, The Teacher Diva, is right up my alley. I’m so glad I used this app because I think I may have found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans that I have been searching for. See what I mean- life changing!


Not only is this app helpful when it comes to staying connected with blogs you already love, it’s also helped me discover new faves. I’m so impressed by the ease of shopping on fashion blogs now and think this really just upped the ante for fashion bloggers across the interwebs.

Happy Instagraming, liking, blogging, & shopping!

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This post is not sponsored by the company, I really am just a huge fan of this and think you would be too!

Photo credit: from Liketoknow.it


Fashion Blogs to Follow

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with fashion but I also wouldn’t go so far as to call myself totally clueless.

However, styling and putting together chic, classic, day-time looks has always been a struggle bus endeavor for me. The only area I would say I’m spot on when it comes to fashion is pageantry. From evening gown to interview I’ve got that ish down. Well, and the gym, but who can really screw that up?

Anywho… thank God I recently discovered the world of  fashion blogs so I can feel more confident in putting together looks for day that are comfy yet stylish . And now, thanks to a new application, I can shop their looks directly with a click of a button.

Here’s my always evolving list of fashion blogs that I love to follow for inspiration and advice when it comes to being the most fashionable me I can be. Because, hey, when you look good you feel good. Am I right?!


SUN SUN 037[1]

Photo cred: Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie keeps her fashion blog simple. It’s pictures and links, that’s it. But it’s oh so good.


In The Frow


Photo cred: In the Frow

Uk beauty, Victoria, has an amazing blog that’s filled with fashion & beauty tips. She constantly updates her site and Youtube channel and gives honest product reviews and beauty advice. Also, can we talk about how she is one of the only people who can pull off that violet hair? Gorgeousssss.

The Teacher Diva


Photo Cred: The Teacher Diva

Ashley Robertson is probably the most stylish teacher I’ve ever seen. Her effortless way to style outfits using higher end staples with budget-friendly items and accessories is right up my style alley. Her style is comfy, classic and casual while also being fashion forward. She is one of my favorites for everyday style.



To see all of the blogs I follow, follow me on Bloglovin’. It’s a great way to find new blogs, have a daily feed of content from all your favorite bloggers (including yours truly) and connect with others in the blogosphere.


My First 5k!

Eeep so, I never actually thought I would ever in a million years sign up to run (run being the operative word here) a 5k- willingly.

You see, I am not a runner. I never have been that person who was like, “oh I just like to run a few miles, de-stress, unwind, blah, blah, blah.” I was always that person who spent the entire time running thinking about not dying or how the heck I was supposed to complete A mile, not the next couple miles.

Alas, show prep changes you. You see after having to do an insane amount of cardio for my first competition (we’re talking hours a day, and no, I do not recommend this to anyone, even if you are competing) I miraculously became pretty fit cardiovascularly. Pretty amazing stuff.

But you see even for cardio I tend to stick to HIIT, so I do lots of sprints and then bring it down for a couple minutes, then go all out, bring it down- you get the jist. I don’t do low intensity for a steady state that often and certainly didn’t find the pleasure in running long distances. (As you can see the term “long” is relative here since a 5k is only 3.1 miles.)

But a couple weeks ago, after moving back to the tundra, aka Minnesota, I decided to take advantage of the outdoor weather and go for some joggity jogs/runs around my neighborhood for my daily cardio. I surprised myself and actually ran a 5k one day. It took me like 30 minutes, and I stopped here and there because running that straight is well, umm, difficult! (And let’s remember here, I do not claim “runner” on my fitness resume)

I told one of my friends about how proud I was that I even made it that far (she’s a runner by the way so I can only imagine she was not that impressed but she pretended like she was excited for me so that’s what really counts here) and low and behold the other day she asked me if I wanted to run a 5k her PA school was putting on. Without hesitation I said, heck yes!

Then I realized I should maybe train a little bit for this. And thus the 5k in two weeks training begins!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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CrossFit’s not for Everyone

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I could just never do CrossFit, it isn’t for me.” And you know what, you’re right.

Maybe it isn’t for you. CrossFit isn’t for everyone. Just like dogs, Ferraris or Starbucks isn’t for everyone. (Okay, who are we kidding, all of those things are for everyone. I will bring my dog with me while I drive in my Ferrari to the Starbucks drive-thru to get my venti iced coffee.) We all have personal preferences when it comes to our clothing, jobs, where we live, what we eat, so it’s no surprise that we would have a preference in regards to how we get physically fit.

I’m so sick of hearing that CrossFit is a cult. It’s not a cult, it’s a community. And hey, maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you actually want to be in a cult, and that’s cool. Again, preferences.

But this whole, “CrossFit isn’t for everyone thing”, is something people have conjured up in their minds for one reason or another. If CrossFit isn’t for you, that’s cool. If you’re a bodybuilder and you’re prepping for a show, maybe CrossFit isn’t the best idea. If you like training by yourself and using machines, probably not for you. Hey, no judgement. I get it.


But many times I think people look at CrossFit Games athletes and think, “there’s no way in hell I could do that or even want to do that.” That gets the logic in their minds that it’s not for them. However, there are plenty of people who have found a passion for CrossFit that have no desire to ever reach the Games. A lot of diehard crossfitters are actually those who didn’t think it was for them but somehow or another got suckered into trying it. And then they found out, hey, I like this shit. This does work for me.

So for all of you who think CrossFit isn’t for you, that’s it’s not for everyone, I agree with you. In fact I can even tell you who CrossFit isn’t for.

CrossFit Isn’t for you If:

You don’t like to be challenged.

You don’t feel the need to be encouraged or cheered on.

You don’t want to feel awesome.

You don’t want to become strong.

You don’t want to overcome a weakness.

You think you’re perfect.

You don’t want to feel empowered.

You don’t want to make friends.

You don’t want to make progress.

You don’t want to feel like a badass.

You don’t want to pick heavy stuff up and then put it back down.

You don’t want to sweat.

You don’t want to feel good about yourself and get a little endorphins rush to boot.

You don’t want to conquer your fears.

You don’t want to learn new things.

You don’t want to set goals

You don’t want to prove to yourself you can do it.

So you see, CrossFit isn’t for everyone. Or, is it?