Crafty Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is just beginning and with that can come only one thing- copious amounts of crafting! Okay, well, eating too. But let’s just focus on the craftiness for now shall we?

Mother and I took two seemingly boring, average, standard pumpkins…
IMG_0939 IMG_0944

And transformed them into this. Voila! Our masterpieces!


Before crafting our halloween decor we went to Michael’s and literally went up and down every aisle trying to find what we thought we needed to make cute little pumpkins. We had a general idea of what we wanted to do but nothing concrete, we just knew we wanted gold and of course, glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. So here were some of the essentials we picked up- spray adhesive, rhinestones and glitter (because what is crafting without sparkle?!) and some cute burlap flowers.


We then took to the outdoors and sprayed our pumpkins in metallic gold. Then, after that dried, we sprayed the spray adhesive and covered in glitter. We also took the liberty of spray painting the stem on one of the pumpkins black. A perfect way to do this without getting the black paint on the rest of the pumpkin is to use a coffee filter.

IMG_0950 IMG_0952 IMG_0954

Then we after that paint dried we added a few spooky touches and we were done!
IMG_0960 IMG_0962 IMG_0961IMG_0955

It was a perfect sunday! Crafting and watching the Vikings game with mama! And definitely not as messy as carving pumpkins!


Being Bold in Prayer

As I was reading my favorite morning devotional, The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer I came across a prayer that really hit home for me.

“Lord, I am challenged to rise up and be more daring in prayer. I truly believe that You are able to do abundantly more than I have ever dared to ask or think. Amen.”

How many times have you felt like your dreams weren’t possible? How often do you think, “I’m just not good enough”? Do you dare to believe that God has a plan for you and He wants you to live an abundant and fruitful life?

He wants us to live BOLDLY, not cower in self-doubt, self-pity, or self-loathing. He knows who we are without us even having to tell Him. He knows our mistakes, and imperfections and loves us anyway. For He made us with a specific purpose in mind and that is to live life with courage and confidence.

It is difficult when we are down to not beat ourselves up, but we must see ourselves as God sees us. By turning to Him and praying boldly and expectantly that He can change, give or make the impossible possible, we are showing our true faith in his Word.

Live daringly, pray boldly, expectantly, and fearlessly for you must have confidence before God.

Scripture referenced: 

1 John 3:21

Ephesians 3:20

Ephesians 3:12


Remembering the younger YOU

What would your younger self think of you? That’s the question that started rolling around in my mind after reading a similar article this morning.

I tried to put myself in my shoes as a 6 year-old and try to imagine what I thought life would be like as a 24 year old college graduate. What were my expectations of life and the accomplishments I was sure to have. I was pretty sure that at nearly a quarter century of a year old I would have more shit figured out than I really do.

I would feel more adult than I do.

I would know exactly what I wanted to do with my career and be well on my way to starting. The real truth is I have no freaking clue what it is I want to spend the next 30 years pursuing.

What I do know for sure is that a younger version of myself wouldn’t be giving up on myself so easily. I would have faith that with hard-work and believing in myself would lead to greatness. I can’t let that little girl down. The one who fought and tried so hard to fit in and do well so that her future would be bright. So, I cam to the conclusion that I can’t give up on my dreams or myself because that’s letting her down. When it comes to getting the job of my dreams and starting the career and future I envision for my  life I think of that little girl who fought through so much to get to where she is today.

When you’re trying to figure out a career path as an early graduate (or maybe you’re making a career change at an older age) always try to think back to your younger self. Children have confidence and remember all the great things about themselves, so do that! Don’t let your younger self, or you future self down by selling yourself short in the present. Make a change, maintain your confidence, and good things will come!

fitness princess


30 Days without Sweets

My sweet tooth has been out of control.

It probably doesn’t help that my parents keep a plethora of chocolate and candy stocked in our house which means in one split second a craving can completely throw off my healthy day. If I were to say I had an achilles heel, chocolate and cake would definitely be it. Thank God I don’t live in a bakery because I would easily be pushin three hundred pounds. I just can’t resist.

Strangely though all those sugary snacks and sweets are never quite as delicious as you envision them to be. You take the plunge, indulge in that first bite and it’s just not quite as decadent as you were hoping. It’s  the temptation that draws you in and then you find yourself 3 Reese’s cups deep and are left wondering, “was this worth it? Was this really that satisfying.”

So, I’m taking a stance against sugar. For the next thirty days will be abstaining from all chocolatey and processed goodness that are sweets.

Going in to this challenge I already know that the first two weeks are the hardest. Your brain is still wired to want those delicious little morsels but it’s about taking one day at a time. Sticking to a solid meal plan that incorporates naturally sweet food like plenty of fruits.

I realize my body doesn’t need sugar, it wants it. But not everything we want is good for us in the long run. The side-effects of sugar can lead to more serious issues such as a widening waist line, depression, and even increase your risk for heart disease and cancer.

When you think of sugary sweets on those terms they aren’t so tempting. Am I really wanting to risk my long term health for a couple minutes of pleasure that will surely end and only lead to more, more, more?


Which is why I’m committing to 30 Days without Sweets. Not starting tomorrow or next week, or a month from now- starting today, right now. I understand this undertaking may seem drastic but drastic times call for drastic measures. Halloween is near and although I won’t be indulging in any of the candy that this holiday is known for, I will be wanting to attend a costume party and want to feel good in my outfit of choice.

30 days, sugar and sweet free starts today. Who’s with me?!

fall tree

It’s almost October, Kids

Another month is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin.

Whew! I could not be more ready for a fresh start! How about you?

The last month has been quite the transition period in my life and it definitely has not been easy. One of the biggest things in my life at the moment is that I left Arizona, a place I’ve called home for the past five years and moved back to my original homeland, good ol’ Minnesota. I am mentally preparing myself for what snow and below zero degree weather is like. It’s really making me question this move, not gonna lie.

Regardless of the weather (which I’m sort of looking forward to as an excuse to buy fall clothes), I’m surrounded by family and old friends, which is definitely something I need at the moment as I’m making huge changes in my career path. I’ve begun the process of studying to become a group fitness instructor as well as am applying left and right to advertising and marketing agencies because I just love communicating so I figured, hey, that’s what you went to school for so you might as well get to using that degree!

With that being said, I’m setting some serious goals as they relate to fitness, career, blog, and personal improvement for the month of October. I allowed myself September to get settled in and now it’s time to kick things up a notch, get into a routine and start accomplishing some stuff! I’m starting to focus a lot on how to set goals, prioritize my time and increase productivity and thus you can probably expect a couple blog posts about that in the future.

I got just the inspiration I needed to start planning for my October domination this morning while doing my morning blog reading. I came across a post about Crossfit Games athlete Julie Foucher and how she went from amateur Crossfitter Julie to top Games athlete Julie. Let’s just say, it’s just what I needed to help me start to focus on my monthly goals. My top takeaways were things that I find I need to be reminded of almost daily in order to keep pushing towards the things I’m working on. I think we all need these types of reminders so let me share a few solid things that really hit home while reading this post:


Without it she would never be where she is today. She has consistently stuck to a training program for the past five years that has taken her from newbie to pro. It’s about finding a program/coach/plan, etc. and then truly commit to it. By sticking with something, even if you don’t see immediate results you have to trust that if you consistently do what is on the plan it will work!

Small changes over time result in long term success.

Again, this relates back to sticking with a plan. Plans don’t work unless you follow through with them. By making a plan, no matter what your goal, that is realistic and has small, measurable milestones you are much more likely to stick to it and succeed. Julie didn’t start off with the intense training schedule she has now but over time was able to build up her training and work capacity so she can train at the level she needs to.

Don’t downplay nutrition.

I think a lot of us get stuck thinking what we eat doesn’t really matter. We hear about top athletes who swear they eat whatever they want or who don’t follow a strict dietary plan but I think for the most part focusing more on nutrition will help you excel no matter if your goals are fitness related or not. How we fuel our bodies is important and if you eat like crap you will most likely feel like crap. You don’t necessarily need a meal plan but learning portion size, how to swap out healthy items for not so great choices, and being aware of what we put in our bodies is important. The body learns to adapt to training and nutrition so in order to train or perform at optimum levels you have to first train your body to utilize food as fuel to do so.

There was a lot of great stuff in this article- what were your favorite takeaways?

fitness princess