2014 Bikini Olympia: One’s to Watch

It’s almost that time of year again, when a new IFBB Bikini pro will be awarded the prestigious title of Ms. Bikini Olympia.

The real question is, will history repeat itself and a new pro will take the crown, or will Ashley Kaltwasser, Ms. Bikini Olympia 2013, be able to do something no other competitor has been able to do since the inception of the division in 2010, and win back to back titles.


With all of the former Bikini Olympia winners sitting this one out (so sad to not see one of my favorites, Nathalia Melo, Bikini Olympia 2012, take the stage) it leaves Kaltwasser defending her title against quite a few newcomers along with other pros who have graced the big stage in previous years.

Who do you think will walk away with the prestigious title of Ms. Bikini Olympia 2014?

Here’s some of our favorites (in no particular order) who we will see strutting their stuff on the biggest stage in the IFBB this weekend:

 (Photos by Issac Hinds/ and RXMuscle)


Ashley Kaltwasser (Ms. Bikini Olympia 2013)

Her body is absolutely phenomenal but her posing and makeup could use some improvements. If she makes her posing more fluid and adds some personality she could have a real shot at bringing home the crown for a second year in a row.



Amanda Latona

The “booty queen” of the fitness industry is in it to win it. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see she’s not playing games this year. She is the only competitor to have attended every single Bikini Olympia since the division was created in 2010. If she sticks to solid posing and tones it down a bit onstage she may finally get the title she’s been after for all these years.


Lacey DeLuca

This girl has got some glutes! I personally think she may be in line to take the Booty Queen title from Latona. She has a great physique for bikini but her posing is a little robotic and gymnast-y (she’s a former gymnast), if she brings her A game and tightens up her routine she may have a shot at the top 5 this year.

img_76501380310851[1] img_76571380310851[1]

Yeshaira Robles

This woman has quickly become one of my favorites in the game. She’s real, down to earth and her Instagram isn’t all about half naked selfies. She has sass and poise onstage as well as a banging bod. She’s been dominating every competition this year, placing first in the 2013 New York Pro & 2012 Pittsburgh Pro. She may give Kaltwasser a run for her money.

img_79761380310882[1] img_79841380310883[1]


India Paulino

Some say her posing is over the top and most people didn’t know what to think when she showed up in an all black bikini at this year’s Tampa Pro. But she ended up winning that competition and has been consistently in the top 3 this season. We’ll see if her over the top posing will help her stay at the top at the O. The real question on my mind is what color bikini is she gonna rock? Will she go back to her classic yellow that she’s known for or switch it up again?


Jenee Leger

She’s a new to the pro game but absolutely knocked it out of the park, winning her Pro Debut at this year’s Dallas Europa, earning her a spot at Olympia. She’s gorgeous, her posing is pretty solid and she’s got a good look for bikini, not too hard and not too soft. This newcomer, like Kaltwasser last year, is pretty unknown. She might shake things up just like Ashley did in 2013 and place high.


Tawna Eubanks

She didn’t break the top 10 at last year’s Olympia but despite that she’s been having an outstanding season this year. This former beauty queen won her last two shows, 2014 IFBB Dallas Pro & 2014 Orange County Muscle Classic Pro, setting her up to be confident going into the biggest show of the year. Will this blonde beauty continue her winning streak? We shall see.



5 Fall Fashion Trends Gone Fit

We are in the midst of New York Fashion week (I know this because my Instagram account has been flooded with pics and videos from celebrities and fashion bloggers whom I follow- they seem to be having a fabulous time.) and I thought it fitting that some of you fashionistas might want to know how to incorporate the season’s hottest looks whilst you get your sweat on. Not to fear fit chick, Fitness Princess has got you covered.

When we look good, we feel good. So why not look adorbs while also doing something great for your body and wellness? It’s like a double win. There were so many looks and trends that came up for Fall 2014 but I just picked the top 5 which I thought were done right by fitness brands.

Here are 5 Fashion Trends Gone Fit:

1. Shades of Gray

Loving the variation of gray in these Lululemon Wunder Under Pant.

gray leggingsLW5D94S_013989_3

Pair with Reebok’s Iridescent Gray Bra to complete the head to toe, Gray Lady look.


2. Romantic Florals

Designers like Valentino and Dolce & Gabanna were all about romantic and moody florals. This great pullover by Spiritual Gangster will keep you cozy on your way to yoga and also keep you on trend for this fall’s floral pattern.


 Nike had a lot of great floral inspired printed leggings and capris this season that would be a perfect pairing.


epic run printed capri-588681-100-f-1


3.  Swinging Sixties

From psychadelic patterns to sixties inspired cuts and fabrics the runways looked  like an episode of Mad Men this season. We found a couple patterned fit apparel that’s sure to make you feel groovy.

Nike has some pretty awesome patterned tights that fit right in with the sixties era vibe.



Or you could mirror the mini skirt look and go with these Lululemon shorts with a funky design on the waistband.


4. Capes

Now, we know, you’re not going to wear a cape to the gym. But one way to rock this look is to and from the gym in the new Nike Tech Cape. It’s pretty high fashion but also serves the purpose of, you know, keeping you warm on those chilly and/or freezing fall or winter days.



5. Sneakers

Well, this one was easy for fit chicks. The sneaker is not only a fashion statement inside the gym, it’s now fashionable to wear it outside. Invest in some of these cute gym shoes to look fierce while lifting weights at the gym or lifting a shopping bag while you’re out at the mall.


New up and coming brand, Heyday Footwear is your perfect badass lifting shoe.



For the Crossfit girl, Reebok Nanos are the shoe to have this fall. They have a huge variety of styles and colors now besides your basic white.

M45393_01M45397_01Or leave it to Nike to have customizable, fashion foward, durable sneakers for any type of training.




How will you stay fit and fashionable this season?

We’d love to hear from you!

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How to Make your Workout Perfect

I’ve been following this dude for awhile. His name is Elliot Hulse and he is so unapologetically himself, that it is sheer awesomeness. He is so much more than just a big meat head, Youtube workout advice giver-er. This guy is deep.

If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect workout routine is, well, here it is. And I would have to agree.

Check it out.

Riding a bicycle

Riding the Bicycle of Weightloss

Losing weight is hard.

At the beginning of your journey you may feel like it’s impossible. You do the right exercises, eat the right foods and…nothing. The scale doesn’t seem to budge or worse yet it goes up. You feel like you’re trying so hard but nothing is happening. It’s frustrating and many times we give up before we find our balance.

Remember, living a fit and healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle.

It will take time and patience to find your balance. To finally get the training wheels off and be able to ride the bicycle.

The one thing you must refuse to do is give up.

I was having a conversation with one of my dearest friends the other day and we were talking about the frustrations of trying to lose weight and how daunting it can be. I was lamenting and feeling in disarray because I had eaten something that was totally not on the plan and she said, “you know what, you’ve just gotta get back on it. What other choice do you have?”

She was right. What other choice is there?

If you set your mind to do something, to accomplish your goal, you have no other choice but to keep trying. The more consistent you are giving 100% effort to staying on track, eating healthy and nourishing things for your body, going to the gym when laying and watching tv seems more appealing, and cutting yourself a break if you mess up and keep trying, then you will reach your goal.

A journey is made up of a thousand small steps. Or in this case, a thousand small kicks of the pedal on your bicycle. In order to maintain your balance, and achieve your goal, you can’t give up. You’ve got to keep going and moving forward.

Don’t give up princess, with time, effort and patience you will get to where you’re going.

fitness princess


Daily Affirmations

What is the first thing you do upon waking up?

For me it’s usually hitting the snooze button a couple times. But after you rise, what is the first thoughts that race through your mind? Are they worries? Is it a to-do list that just won’t quit? Is it the same downtrodden, negative dialogue you’ve been uncounsciously spewing to yourself and haven’t even realized?

I came to the conclusion that that’s what I had started to make a pattern. My morning ritual was full of worry, negativity and I didn’t even notice it! I unintentionally was waking up with a negative attitude instead of being intentional about what I wanted to happen during the day.

Instead of spending your morning gearing up to face what is sure to be a fight tooth and nail, set yourself up for a positive, can-do day by choosing an affirmation or two that you spend 5 minutes saying to yourself.

You can say these affirmations in the shower, while you brush your teeth, or perhaps when you’re making your favorite cup of coffee. No matter when you say them to yourself, it is important to really let the words sink in. You’ve got to believe them, or at least try to. The first couple times you try it may seem silly, but trust me after a conscious effort to be more thoughtful and more intentional about the thoughts you start your day with, you will begin to believe them.

Take a minute or five, and come up with a list of things you need reminding of. Perhaps it’s things you struggle with and want to start being intentional about and actively work to change.

Maybe it’s your perception. Your attitude or outlook on a situation. Who knows. Pick some things that will set you up for a day of positivity and success and then say them with intention.

Here’s some that I’ve chosen to adopt. I’d love it if you shared what your affirmations are in the comments section!

1. I will be better than I was yesterday.

2. Today is a new day to be positive. Great things will happen today.

3. I am beautiful.

4. I am going to kick-ass, regardless of how I feel today.

5. I will put my health first and foremost.

See, simple! Easy, peasy and to the point. Let’s be more intentional about our happiness and let that translate into being goal accomplishing, bad asses.

Good morning beautiful, make it an outstanding day!

fitness princess